Bedroom dresser placed Feng Shui is very important

Introduction: dressing table is almost every girl bedroom essential things, but the dressing table can not be casually placed in the bedroom, if placed improperly, may bring some bad things, affecting family Feng shui. The following Valley for everyone to explain the table Feng Shui placed.

Geomantic omen
The mirror in the dressing table should not be placed against the bed. One will lead to emotional instability and mental stress, and two will affect the quality of our sleep. Sometimes waking up in the middle of the night, mentally in a state of confusion, is easily frightened by herself in the mirror.

Feng Shui two
The Dresser Mirror cannot be directed to the bedroom door. In Feng Shui, the door is called "gas flow", the mirror is facing the gate, not only will take good luck, but also may bring bad luck, but also to avoid facing the window.

Feng Shui three

You can't put the dressing table in the other room outside your bedroom. The dressing table stands for personal privacy and private savings. Moving to another room is likely to ruin the bedroom Feng Shui, as well as its privacy and private money.

Lay skills
We must first determine the size of the dresser, height is generally about 1500mm, width is 700-1200mm, such a dresser dresser just right before the purchase, to determine their own needs and the size of the room, too big or too small is not practical; dresser generally put in a good light, but also conducive to Yang at the same time their dressing, dressing mirror of our best bed sit to maintain a parallel state, which makes the dresser and bed form a balance of the geomantic.